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We are a Brand Strategy Design Consultancy.

We help businesses grow, launch products, and build enduring relationships with their communities.

Check out some of our works along with the case studies.

Pratichya Sarma - Portfolio Website

Pratichya Sarma is one of the leading Anchor – Model in the Professional World.

She has worked with many reputed brands like Vivo, Samsung, Oppo, Pride East Entertainment.

Consider checking out her website- www.pratichyasarma.com

Naba Nirman Foundation - NGO Website

Naba Nirman Foundation is a Non Government Organization which aims at serving the society in ways beyond just a helping aid.

Naba Nirman believes in making impact at the very grassroots level in order to deliver and work on serving the ones in need at most.
The NGO actively work in the field of greenery restoration, circumstantial help, cultural promotion and basic awareness and information along with our dedicated projects for various aspects focused in the need of the society.


Consider checking out their website- www.nabanirman.com

Case Study I

The New Logo

We Redesigned the old eFalcon Logo to make it more User Friendly and Attention-Grabbing thus reducing the marketing budget by 16%.

The App

We helped eFalcon by developing a perfect app which loads faster and is also budget friendly to the company.

The App has a loading speed of 0.78 seconds.

We have also spent a lots of time developing the User-Interface because we know that eFalcon will be used by people of all ages. And it should be easy for them to operate the app.

eFalcon may look like a simple e-commerce app but it is a BEAST.

eFalcon can track the LIVE-LOCATION of each user with PIN-POINT accuracy and also extract all the contacts from the user’s contact list so that the company would not have to spend tons of money on advertisement.

The app can also sense when the user was LAST ONLINE and for how long was he/she was exploring the app. The app can also suggest products based on Surrounding Temperature, Light Intensity etc.

eFalcon is a Hybrid app, meaning it works both in App and Website. And the company has to pay only the Web-Hosting Bills, thus reducing their Operational Expenditure.


The eFalcon team was in loss and almost went bankrupt in 2019. They were not able to figure out the right strategy of marketing. Though they distributed flyers, promoted in Facebook and Instagram, but they were still in loss.

One Day, Bikas their Senior Marketing Officer contacted Retinamonk and explained the issue. We planned to help the company and within 3 months they turned profitable.

We created the Video Advertisement, improved their Google Play store Ranking from 19th to 1st Position. We also helped them through Digital Marketing.

We also improved their Google Play User Review from 3.1 to 4.8 Stars.

Case Study II

The App

ClassMonk helps Schools and Institutions gain a Competitive advantage.
With ClassMonk, you get a UNIFIED SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SOLUTION, which means it will be useful in both online and offline classes.
ClassMonk has helped many schools with the power of Technology.

Here is how ClassMonk helps Students:
Track your Academic Performance.
Attend LIVE Classes.
Online Tests
Track your Attendance.
Pay your Academic Fees online.
Get Phone Numbers of your Favorite Teachers instantly with just a click.
Track your School-Bus with built-in LIVE location tracker.
Get all latest updates of your institution with the built-in DIGITAL NOTICE BOARD.
Send Messages to your Institution without any Paperwork.
Manage your Library Card with just a click.
Improve your IQ with the built-in BRAIN TRAINER.
And get access to all other Exciting feature!

Case Study III

logo white bg

The Website

RetinaMonk helped Satyajit (Product Manager, nudeapparels.com) get the professional ecommerce website built.

Nude Apparels is a premium apparel Brand targeting the Premium brand lovers. 

They Basically Sells Clothing, Perfumes and Handbags at Premium Prices. We helped Nude position themselves as a Premium Luxury Brand.

We have also helped Nude by DIGITAL MARKETING in Places like Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Gujrat and Rajasthan.

We also advertised them in Countries like US, UK, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia, thus increasing their revenue by 260%.


Case Study IV

Website and Promo

We developed a basic website for CybroXide Motion Pictures where artists can create a profile and get booked by customers through the website.

The Project took us 4 weeks to complete. They also opt in for a Promo Video which increased the website traffic from 500 viewers/month to 12K viewers per month.

Unfortunately, the project did not last long due to negative cashflow.

However, we are still in contact with them and we will start working on their project from the next year.

Case Study V

Cinevirt App

We helped Cinevirt by creating an OTT app. The app allows user to upload movies/short-films and other content and lets them decide the cost per view.

The audience can then pay the price and enjoy the content.

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