Getdel Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for User

Dear Customers/Visitors,
We would like to inform you that our services are totally customer centric. You use our service with all your
concern. After the order is delivered we basically don’t take any guarantee of the products/services, so ensure proper
check before you pay and accept the goods or services, or receive the order/receipt or before you sign the receipt.
We don’t take regular signature on all the bills for our regular customers/new customers but that doesn’t mean
unsigned bills are not valid. We charge depending on the task we are assigned. We also charge Pick up Charge when
we go to a different location to pick something and deliver to a different location. Make sure that any parcel you
want us to deliver from one location to another must not contain sensitive item or illegal or objectionable that falls
against law and order of our country. If there is any item you ordered for or want us to deliver from one location to
another which is sensitive and case to damage, we basically do not take the full responsibility for a safe delivery but
we shall try our best not to disappoint you.
Please make sure that the Delivery Partner (Delivery Boy) has a valid ID Proof and his/her details must be available
in our website
We take no guarantee if any suspicious or unknown person gives you the service or delivers you any product. To
avoid such dangerous activity please ask for the receipt from the Delivery Partner or directly from the Office. Please
avoid giving orders to our Delivery Partners in their personal number or WhatsApp, use only official numbers or
else we are not responsible for anything goes wrong.
Our policies may keep on changing so, kindly keep visiting this site and give us more strength to serve you better.
1 Time required to deliver your order depends on the number of items/tasks you have assigned
us. So, please have patience and do not keep on enquring on a continous basis. Our staffs and
the delivery partners have already been instructed and trained to complete order as soon as
possible. You may also choose your preffered time of delivery, just clarify this to our support
2 You agree not to place order for anything objectionable or the things that goes against
the law and order of your area. In those situation even if we/our staff/delivery partner delivers
you or your order, you shall be responsible.
3 Do not try to order on the personal numbers of our staff as this may be treated as illegal and
also your order may not be delivered.
4 Do not keep due, always pay the full amount. You may pay advance if the company provides this
facilities. If by any means you couldn’t pay us the full amount as early as possible we may charge
a due charge on your due amount and this charge is not fixed, it keeps on changing and also
depends on the due amount and for how long. You agree that you understand this very well.
Besides, this charge may not be applicable for some of our regular/premium customers.
5 Always keep the cash ready before the order arrives and also make sure you have the exact
change or you may tip the company/delivery partner to avoid the change problem. Our delivery
partner may or may not have the change with them always. This is applicable in case of cash to
cash payment. In case the change amount is big then you may need to keep in company account
as advance which will be adjustable on your next order. But make sure you informed our
support team about your advance amount or due amount after every delivery. Raise your
complaint fast for faster resolvement, the company is not responsible if your advance money is
misused by our delivery partner. So in order to avoid this, you shall inform our support team and
receive some assurance.

6 Try to order during the officials hours as before or after the company is not responsible for delay
or not delivery. This is not applicable for advance order that is to be deliver/service on the next
day or later.
7 If there is a misunderstanding in the items you have place order, then the company
change/replace the item and the service charge/charges will be 50% of regular charges. But if
you added any item while changing the item you will be charged full service charge/charges.
8 In one order one services charge/charges will be imposed even if there is multi delivery in the
same area.
9 Dear customer you should also take a note on here that if your order consumes more than
30minutes to complete the order/marketing/servicing, then the company has the right to
charge you Rupee 1 on every 1 minutes after the first 30minutes working on your order. So try
to place less task or less number of items on every order for fasters deliveries and less charges.
10 As our Delivery Partners are the main Pillars of our business, so please behave nicely with them
or else they themselves may cancel your order at that very moment and you are liable to make
payment or else legal action may be taken on you or also you will be solely responsible for that
situation. If it is not your mistake/fault kindly contact to our support team immediately and also
you may explain us the whole situation by sending an email at Remember
whatever may be the situation payment is must.
11 If by any means your order includes any illegal or objectional item, the order may be delivered
or may not and the paid amount (if prepaid) is non-refundable. Our employs are trained to
deliver the order on time or as early as possible so during those process they may not be able to
know the product is legal or illegal or objectionable, they may deliver your order if nothing
happened it is ok but if anything happened you shall be soly responsible.

We may also not mention FSSAI Number on the bill even if we take items from shops/marchents
register with FSSAI

Terms and Conditions for Partner

*Any breakage or damage of any goods or services provides by to our customer comes under your
responsibility. Company may or may not help you in such cases to recover the loss. Company may or
may help you with 20% of the loss amount upon incur.

  • You are the face of the company so always follow all the prevailing future rules and regulation of the
    company or your services may be terminated at any point of time without any clear or prior notice.
  • Do not take too long to complete the order, complete within stipulated time estimated by the
    company staff.
  • Always say Thank You to the customer with smile no matter what your mood is.
  • You already know that the company as of now does not provide any kind of insurance for you. But
    since the company pays some amount of incentives by any means, you can or you shall used some of
    your incentives to buy types of insurance from any insurance provider as per the requirement.
  • Always take care of the company assets breakage/spoil/damage of any assets would bring you loss as
    you have to pay for it.
  • You are very much responsible during your duty so try to humble and polite also do not waste time
    talking with friends or any person. Also you should not give lift on your vehicle or reach to customer’s
    address with any unregistered person of the company without the concern of your senior.
  • Always dress up well and be in proper uniform (if provided by the company). You have to buy your
    uniform from the company that may be also done during registration process.
  • Always keep your vehicle neat and clean as this keeps an impression on our customer. Also keep the
    carry bags clean.
  • Try to have a regular check of your vehicle as this vehicle helps you earn your living.
  • Keep your vehicle fit, regular check up from mechanic so that it does not give you in trouble during
    your duty and manage its expenses with the incentives you get from the company.
  • If by any means the company faces any heavy loss your income may also get affected. There are
    some situation like covid pandemic or natural or national or even international issues, also local, district
    or state level issues, in those situations your earning may be affected. Your job is not permanent in the
    company, but hope to have you with us always as long as everything goes good.