Getdel Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Getdel Delivery Services OPC Pvt. Limited
From here on the term Getdel shall mean same as Getdel Delivery Services OPC Private Limited. All
the services of Getdel accessible from Getdel App Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, online or offline
follows the same privacy policy. This privacy policy document contains types of information and
customers data that are collected, recorded and used for better quality services.
You give all your consent to Getdel to collect your data that are required to us Getdel Delivery
Services and therefore you understand that at Getdel we give our 100% to protect your privacy. This
privacy policy applies to all the customers of Getdel online or offline.
By using Getdel Delivery Services, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms.
You understand that this privacy policy may keep on changing from time to time and you will read all the
(Other necessary things you please add for us)